This is a blog about outdoor Gear.

What you will get: long-term gear reviews of kit and clothing that I use and have used for a while*.

What you won’t get: trip reports and stuff about my life.  I’m not that open about that sort of thing, and frankly there are lots of great blogs that will give you that already out there.

I follow a few outdoor blogs and forums and the way this blog will evolve will at least in part be guided by the tremendous amount of comment and debate already out there – as a starter check out this article and the accompanying comments from Iain Harper about the very nature of gear reviews, and along a similar vein, this article from Hendrik Morkel.  Both getting a little dated, but still relevant.

I continuously update my reviews as, apart from anything, I keep finding glaring spelling mistakes that were blind to me on first writing.  However, my opinions on the gear that I own continually evolve as well and I very often think of things that I should have mentioned in the first place but didn’t.  If you think there is something I should have commented on, or if you would like more detail on a comment I’ve made, get in touch via the comments box.

Although I feel that stars or numerical based ratings can be misleading, unhelpful and potentially lead people into making lazy decisions , I have consented to rank the item I review based on if I would buy the product again.  On this basis I have the following categories:

Yes – if lost, stolen or worn out, I would immediate buy this product again. No hesitation.

Maybe – I would probably look at what else is available first.  Perhaps, I wasn’t convinced by the item, attention to details were lacking or value for money wasn’t great.

No – I wouldn’t seek to replace this product.  To many details were missing, or it performs poorly compared to similar items.

Each of these ratings is based on weighing up the pros and cons of what I’m looking for in a product.  This is highly unlikely to be the same as what you are looking for, but that’s why I write these articles. To try and give you a sense of not just what is right or wrong, but why it’s right or wrong.

As this site is based on personal user reviews and, frankly because my budget for gear is limited, I would be interested in hearing from anyone wishing to to contribute a guest review.  Feel free to get in touch if you have something you would like to share.

To get in touch use the form below:

*okay, this is a little vague I know, but the point I’m making is that the gear will have been used by me for months before I post a review of it…not within days of receiving it from a marketing departments



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