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Hestra Fält Guide Glove (long-term review)

Fält Guide GloveThe Hestra Fält Guide Gloves come from an established glove making company based in Sweden.  The only products they make are gloves, and so as you might expect they have a rather large array of products to choose from.  A significant portion are orientated towards the skiing markets, everything from downhill racing to cross-country, but they also make models aimed at the Mountaineering and Outdoor sectors.  Of these last two, the Fält Guide Glove falls under the Outdoor heading and, perhaps because of its association with Lars Fält, is billed as its top model.  As usual, we’ll start with what Hestra have to say about their product:

This model is named after one of Sweden’s leading survival experts, Lars Fält, who was also involved in the development of the glove. A durable glove made entirely of leather with removable wool terry cloth/wool pile liner. Can also be combined with other liners. With the right care, it can remain a favorite for many years. OUTER MATERIAL: Impregnated cowhide and impregnated Army Leather goatskin on the palm. LINING: Removable liner with wool terrycloth on the palm and wool pile on the top of the hand. FEATURES: Eyelet with carabiner. External seams. Securing point for handcuffs.

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