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Röjk The Monk Hoody [long-term review]

30884644-origpic-85ba2dSwedish brand Röjk have been in existence since 2010 and first grabbed my attention with the funky poses they arranged their clothes into for their product shots: it always seemed like they had captured their jumpers, leggings or socks mid-dance at a silent disco.  Sadly they no longer seem to take quite the same approach, but they seemed like a brand worth watching and last year I purchased a hoody, The Monk.  So where is brand and hoody aimed?  Is it a casual piece of outdoor apparel or is it aimed at being a solidly dependable mid-layer? Here’s what they have to say:

This versatile and popular hoodie has won many a fan with its unique look and blend of materials. Brushed polyester on the inside makes it soft and comfortable against the skin, while wool and silk in the outer fabric add warmth, freshness and great style. The large belly pocket keeps your belongings in place with zippers on both sides, while hiding another, smaller pocket for your card case or phone.

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