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Röjk The Monk Hoody [long-term review]

30884644-origpic-85ba2dSwedish brand Röjk have been in existence since 2010 and first grabbed my attention with the funky poses they arranged their clothes into for their product shots: it always seemed like they had captured their jumpers, leggings or socks mid-dance at a silent disco.  Sadly they no longer seem to take quite the same approach, but they seemed like a brand worth watching and last year I purchased a hoody, The Monk.  So where is brand and hoody aimed?  Is it a casual piece of outdoor apparel or is it aimed at being a solidly dependable mid-layer? Here’s what they have to say:

This versatile and popular hoodie has won many a fan with its unique look and blend of materials. Brushed polyester on the inside makes it soft and comfortable against the skin, while wool and silk in the outer fabric add warmth, freshness and great style. The large belly pocket keeps your belongings in place with zippers on both sides, while hiding another, smaller pocket for your card case or phone.

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Hestra Fält Guide Glove (long-term review)

Fält Guide GloveThe Hestra Fält Guide Gloves come from an established glove making company based in Sweden.  The only products they make are gloves, and so as you might expect they have a rather large array of products to choose from.  A significant portion are orientated towards the skiing markets, everything from downhill racing to cross-country, but they also make models aimed at the Mountaineering and Outdoor sectors.  Of these last two, the Fält Guide Glove falls under the Outdoor heading and, perhaps because of its association with Lars Fält, is billed as its top model.  As usual, we’ll start with what Hestra have to say about their product:

This model is named after one of Sweden’s leading survival experts, Lars Fält, who was also involved in the development of the glove. A durable glove made entirely of leather with removable wool terry cloth/wool pile liner. Can also be combined with other liners. With the right care, it can remain a favorite for many years. OUTER MATERIAL: Impregnated cowhide and impregnated Army Leather goatskin on the palm. LINING: Removable liner with wool terrycloth on the palm and wool pile on the top of the hand. FEATURES: Eyelet with carabiner. External seams. Securing point for handcuffs.

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Fjällräven Karl/Karla Trousers (long-term review)

The Fjällräven Karl (men’s version)/Karla (women’s version) are probably one of the more basic models offered amongst their 46 varieties of trouser on sale at time of writing.  The Karls themselves come in 5 different varieties, including a zip-off style and lined winter variant.  For the purposes of this review, however, we are looking at the basic Karla (women’s) version.  This is what Fjällräven have to say:

Karl is an outdoor trousers series that can be used anywhere, such as while hiking in the mountains or at your summer cabin. This model is made of durable G-1000® Silent fabric and has a brushed finish. The trousers have a low waist and regular fit. Pre-shaped knees and raw length. Two side pockets, two back pockets, one large leg pocket for maps and one smaller pocket for multi tools. Raw length at the leg ends allows you to adjust the length of the legs exactly as you wish.

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Klättermusen Gere Trousers (long-term review)

Klättermusen’s ‘Gere’ trousers (or “pants” for you Americans) are part of their range of ‘soft-shell’ trousers.  Named after one of Odin’s two wolves, the trousers are not quite your typical soft-shell material (think fabric with liberal applications of DWR) but rather they look and feel much closer to cotton.  UPDATE [May 2016]: Klättermusen have released a version 2 of these trousers.  Looks like they have improved belt  loops and slightly re-designed pockets.  This is what Klättermusen have to say:

As comfortable as a pair of extremely soft stretch jeans, but they last 5 times as long, dry 5 times as fast and are 10 times as windproof. The fabric is woven from a unique yarn that combines many desirable qualities. It is extremely hard-wearing, stretchy, soft and wind resistant. These properties make the most comfortable and most hard-wearing pair of trousers ever. Over the last five years we have tried to develop a heavy-duty stretch cloth that combines good wind resistance with a soft texture, but it wasn’t possible until we found this particular yarn. The shrinkage process that provides the stretch also closes all the gaps in the cloth, providing good windproofing without too much rigidity. Intended for all outdoor adventure activities. Perfect for hiking, trekking and climbing.

…but enough of the marketing talk, what do I think…

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